Fouquet’s Paris: a corporate workshop animation for the Barrière Group

cinerea partenaire du groupe barriere 4

On Thursday April 5, the Barrière Group held its annual workshop to present all of its destinations to event buyers. This year, the event was once again taking place in the newly redesigned Fouquet’s salons.

The Cinéréa Paris team hosted throughout the evening with the 3-game table of VINI VEGAS®, Le Casino du Vin et des Saveurs.

The Barrière group was delighted with the attendance of this event which was a real success.

Cinéréa Paris was very appreciative of being invited by the Barrière group and that it be recognized as a historical service provider because, it should be remembered that VINI VEGAS®, Le Casino du Vin et des Saveurs was successful thanks to an agency event organized by the Barrière group at its La Baule station in 2001. Cinéréa Paris owes a lot to the Barrière group, a great story…