Animations during your corporate seminar


What is the purpose of an animation during a seminar?

It is through the facilitation of a seminar that your teams will get to know each other better, share a common project and pool their skills.

Where the seminar meets, the animation will trigger the experience.

The experience allows seminar participants:

  • to get out of the traditional context, in an original venue for example.
  • to exchange differently between employees
  • to get to know each other in other ways while keeping the values ​​of the company.

The animation for business and corporate seminars is therefore what produces the desired group dynamics.

The question that event planners often ask themselves is how to run a corporate seminar.

As the animation of a seminar itself is not the job of the organizer, the "useful" question for you is above all:

how to choose the animation or the workshop suited to your seminar or your business?

Because beyond the event itself, the organization of games, activities and workshops that will allow better cohesion of your employees remains essential.

A corporate seminar brings together its participants in a friendly place.... But this is not enough !

An animation is a facilitator to create moments of relaxation and exchange conducive to the successful achievement of its objectives

  • cohesion
  • training
  • facilitation of interactions
  • joint work or team building)
  • shared positive experience, etc.

How do you find an idea for a corporate or business seminar activity?

A successful corporate seminar is above all about sharing a positive experience around a quality fun activity.

To be fun and qualitative, you have to be able to renew yourself, regularly find new ideas for seminar facilitation.

Animateur Team Building en action

How do you choose a good idea for a seminar activity?

From experience, we retain 4 fundamental decision-making criteria to define a good idea of professional animation:

  • Bring novelty and surprise
  • Appeal to the senses and emotions
  • Generate cohesion and complicity
  • Carry a strong evasion power

If you manage to put these 4 criteria together, your idea of animation is most likely the right one!

What could be better than wine or gastronomy to unite a team while having fun?

Seminar and business animations at the heart of CINEREA expertise.

Our wine events are original, sensual, convivial and unifying: in a word, “oeno-fun” (Wine in latin language and an amazing atmosphere) or Wine -fun ! They are suitable for all audiences, and each offers a reflection on marketing or strategy. Make your choice !


Theme Bars : Trends Tastings

For a 100% Discovery and Convivial Tastings "just like at your favorite cellar store", let yourself be seduced by Theme Bars - Trendy Tastings, as an aperitif, cocktail party or after’s.
IMG 9729

Remote seminar animation – Wine Box

For a 100% Hybrid Spirit, our tasting events are adapted to new generation events : all together in the same place, all scattered all over France or the world…. You will only experience one and the same convivial moment.
Cinerea selection

Our flagship seminar animation

Cinéréa anime une soirée Casino du vin

The Casino of Wine and Flavors – Vini Vegas

A real moment of sharing & conviviality for all your cocktails


Your quote for your seminar animation

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    For 20 years

    CINEREA has been a specialist in seminar and business animation engineering

    We design and produce animation concepts dedicated specifically to the challenges of business and corporate seminars.

    We mainly work on wine and spirits events, which makes it possible to associate very positively with the process of a company meeting the pleasure of the senses and creativity.

    It is on the basis of these same criteria that we have constructed the range of CINEREA seminar activities.

    Each of the incentive events described below has been carefully developed, tested and enhanced in contact with our customers.

    Découvrez les différents avantages d’un séminaire autour du vin pour les collaborateurs et pour l’entreprise|Découvrez les différents avantages d’un séminaire autour du vin pour les collaborateurs et pour l’entreprise|Découvrez les différents avantages d’un séminaire autour du vin pour les collaborateurs et pour l’entreprise|Découvrez les différents avantages d’un séminaire autour du vin pour les collaborateurs et pour l’entreprise
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    Business seminar animation service at CINEREA

    From the briefing to the delivery of the service, the CINEREA processes are very structured.

    We are committed to ensuring optimal customer satisfaction by delivering seminars that keep their promises


    In pre-production

    1. initial contact and telephone briefing with the seminar organizer or the management.
    2. detailed presentation of the service, accompanied by a video, and sending of the quote during the day.
    3. the project manager visits the place of the seminar and gets in touch with the interlocutors. He collects practical information: assembly times, language, number of client-side teams, service schedules.
    4. internal constitution of the animation staff for the seminar. Brief of the production, preparation of the material, timing of the meeting at the seminar with the animators.
    Our animations travel

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