Corporate and business evening entertainment


A business evening entertainment for what ?

Essentially, the purpose of a corporate evening-type activity is to take employees out of their "normal" work context, to produce the meeting and create an informal bond. By extension, it is a question of cohesion and corporate culture, preferred notions of human resources managers. A corporate evening is the ideal context for a quick, efficient and easy situation to organize.

However, bringing together employees in a venue for a corporate evening is not enough: the objective involved supposes a shift in the context that would be difficult to take place spontaneously if we do not drive it.

This is the whole purpose of corporate evening animation or entertainment: to provoke magic, create amazing universes, propel teams into an emotionally dense, funny, participatory, exotic and sometimes confusing experience, conducive to strengthening the expected group dynamics !

In summary :

  • The corporate evening animation is the social space, the vehicle of the experience
  • Corporate evening animation is the binder, the engine.

If you don't have the engine ... you won't go as far!

Professional evening animation is generally provided by an external service provider, who offers a range of entertainment products specifically designed for the particular constraints of a corporate evening:

  • limited time
  • emotional intensity
  • originality
  • interactions, participation, proactivity
  • entertainment.

Is a corporate party sufficient on its own?

This is THE question to ask when planning to organize this format of professional event, strong in strategic and human issues.

The answer is unequivocal: no.

It is now proven that the successful completion of the process is correlated with the entertainment of corporate parties. Before discussing the why and how, let us look at the social meaning of an animation in the broad sense.


How to find THE good idea of ​animation for a company party?

So here we are faced with the second big question to ask: how to choose your idea of ​​evening event animation or entertainment?

We offer you here:

  • some runways proven by 20 years of professional animation practice.
  • original evening animation ideas and specifically designed to warm up the atmosphere while respecting business specifications.

6 criteria for an original corporate evening animation

There is a plethora of offers for evening events animations, more or less original: how to choose one, how to make sure that you have THE right entertainment idea, one that will guarantee the success of your company dinner or your event without risk ?

We have been deploying evening event animation concepts for more than 20 years. This experience has taught us one thing: an original, innovative and effective corporate evening entertainment must scrupulously fit into a strict framework (which may seem paradoxical for a non-framework event):

  • Clear framework and objectives : an event animation service must be carried out within a formal framework. The engine drives energy, not steering.
  • An approach to original evening animation : your teams should feel rushed in the positive sense of the term. Without escape, there is no magic!
  • A contribution from all : a professional animation involves a team, no question of leaving anyone on the side of the road.
  • A strong emotional power : it is the complicity, the laughter, the wonder that make a good moment.
  • The magic : the talent and the experience of the organizers of corporate parties are not everything, but still !
  • A rigorous organization : your animation must be fluid and without a hitch. It’s difficult to escape when the engine stalls.

A "good" idea for a corporate party is not enough

I found a great venue, a great concept, a great idea for a corporate party, it's all good the teams are going to be happy.

Here is an interpretation bias that we encounter very regularly: the vehicle and the engine should not be confused.

What you need here is a great party entertainment idea, not just a party idea!

A place and a concept ensure the mental availability of your teams to fully live the experience. But the experience itself, the atmosphere, it is the animation that provides it. It is therefore essential to distinguish things clearly : it is an idea of ​​evening entertainment that you need !

Un Casino du vin animé par Cinéréa

These points may seem obvious, yet they are the prerequisite for the smooth running of a corporate evening, team building or cohesion evening animation service.

When you bring them together, any idea of ​​evening animation is possible as soon as it fits your corporate culture.

At CINEREA, we work with passion

6 ideas for corporate evening animation to enhance your event

It is passion that directs our corporate animations, it is again this which transports those who benefit from it.

Our passion is mainly the wine. And seminar animations with wine tastings are always a good deal. Most of participants like wine. And at CINEREA, we have chosen to make live the wine as a game to seduce all audiences. But we adapt our concepts on others themes (cocktails, spirits, chocolates,….).

An evening around wine tastings is always atypical, transporting and convivial. Wine, as long as it is staged and of high quality, is no longer just "alcohol": it becomes a cultural, traditional, upscale and sensual product. The wine blossoms fully in an original professional evening from the moment when, in moderation, it enters a rather playful tasting environment, and where the proposed themes are closer to the values ​​of the company.


Theme Bars : Trends Tastings

For a 100% Discovery and Convivial Tastings "just like at your favorite cellar store", let yourself be seduced by Theme Bars - Trendy Tastings, as an aperitif, cocktail party or after’s.

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    Follow the guide !

    We guide you to build your original professional evening animation :

    For an aperitif or a cocktail dinner, prefer VINI VEGAS®, The Wine Casino, which is a very flexible activity suitable for everyone (blind tastings of wine, beer, chocolate…., colors of wine to recognize in black glasses but also aromas game with little bottles to smell for recognizing fruits, flowers, spices,….). Why is it suitable for everyone? Because, we can also combine different tasting themes such as wines from France and the world, cheeses, beers, fruit juices or even chocolate.

    ONE MAN SOMMELIER®, Tastings Animations, in a more classic style but with always fun, for groups of up to about 80 people, introduces you to the discovery of wines as a pleasure and always with games.

    Do you prefer a corporate dinner animation (seated configuration)? We offer ONE MAN SOMMELIER® which adapts perfectly to a meal with a real food and wine pairing. Always very original, especially when the sommelier becomes a storyteller and a bit of a showman by telling you the historical anecdotes of all the wines tasted, by staging games on the senses and having the Champagne sabering.

    For a more “challenging” approach to corporate dinner entertainment, book an inter-table entertainment with many challenges around wine and gastronomy or even WINE TV SHOW®, TVwined games, real TV show with the parody of famous TV shows but adapted to the world of wine.

    For larger numbers of people, LES DÉGUSTATIONS TENDANCES® The Trendy Tastings. Animation with theme Bars offers lively tasting centers. It is a way to discover wines in an original way (blending, Champagne sabering, organic wines, prestigious wines, etc.), but also cocktails to be made by participants, etc.

    Cinéréa en pleine animation de soirée d'entreprise

    With all these examples of corporate evening animation concepts, you can see that the Wine-fun universe of CINEREA offers a large selection that can bring together as many people as possible always around wine or other products that bring pleasure.

    Technical sheet

    Organization of an original company evening: the stages of an animation service

    On l’a vu plus haut, organiser une soirée d'entreprise et son animation nécessite une grande rigueur. Le déroulé doit être parfaitement huilé, au point de donner l’impression aux participants que, justement, tout est spontané, improvisé… Unique.

    Nous avons, au fil du temps et des expériences, établi des process ultra-rodés qui posent un cadre organisationnel fixe. Celui-ci nous permet d’évoluer, en conception et en production, dans un environnement “prévisible”, qui réduit autant que faire se peut la part d’inconnu inhérente à l’organisation d’une soirée d’entreprise originale et réussie.


    In pre-production

    1. initial contact and telephone briefing with the seminar organizer or the management.
    2. detailed presentation of the service, accompanied by a video, and sending of the quote during the day.
    3. the project manager visits the place of the seminar and gets in touch with the interlocutors. He collects practical information: assembly times, language, number of client-side teams, service schedules.
    4. internal constitution of the animation staff for the corporate evening. Brief of the production, preparation of the material, timing of the meeting on site with the animators.