Wine Events


Wine Tastings

No more traditional tastings that are often too consensual and technical !

CINEREA fully expresses its DNA in this range of events where you will experience wine in a 100% uninhibited and accessible way with a little cultural touch because telling the beautiful stories of wine makes tasting more exciting.

Thus, you will remember all the trendiest terms to shine in society and the crispest anecdotes about wines that will no longer hold any secrets for you.

This range offers you three different styles of animation


Theme Bars : Trends Tastings

For a 100% Discovery and Convivial Tastings "just like at your favorite cellar store", let yourself be seduced by Theme Bars - Trendy Tastings, as an aperitif, cocktail party or after’s.


Remote seminar animation – Wine Box

For a 100% Hybrid Spirit, our tasting events are adapted to new generation events : all together in the same place, all scattered all over France or the world…. You will only experience one and the same convivial moment.

Animation événementielle par Cinéréa

One Man Sommelier

For a 100% Entertainment and Tasting Pleasure, let yourself be seduced by Wine Tastings - One Man Sommelier, as an aperitif or during a meal.


The Tasting Challenges

The Tasting Challenge is an ideal time for your guests to exchange with each other while having fun around the theme of wine or another gourmet product. They will challenge themselves, always as a team in order to win the most points and of course some delicious gifts in the end.

Our range offers various original universes at all times of the day: during a break, an afternoon activity or during a sit-down meal, on the, indoor or outdoor or for 100% soft gourmet challenges.

These are Challenges where your guests will be at the center of the event.

Wine entertainment


How are our wine entertainments organized?

These entertainments can be achieved during a meal but also during the day, even outside for some.

These entertainments fully meet our concept that we can entertain around wine, but otherwise.

So drop prejudices and just learn differently with our OenoFunGame Entertainments.

The goal of any good incentive is to surprise, motivate, exchange, is it not ?

Wine Events

Disrupt the fundamentals

All entertainments of the Wine Events range upsets fundamental of the World of Wine, because this range offers pure entertainment always around wine and food.

Here there is no question of speaking of the basics of tasting with flavors, names, grapes... But this time, we orchestrate the challenge in different stagings, creating atmospheres, playful universe, parodies games adapted around wine and gastronomy, Olympics of Bacchus, wine police investigations.

But the common point of all these activities is the show.


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