The Casino of Wine and Flavors – Vini Vegas

A real moment of sharing & conviviality for all your cocktails
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Depending on your group, several major themes will be offered:

  • Blind Tasting Tables: Taste and savor the animator’s clues and bet ! Choose your theme among : Wines of France / Wines of the World / Champagnes / Beers of the World / Cocktails / Molecular Cocktails. Possible 100% Softs versions with Gourmet adaptations: Fruit Cocktails, Macaroons, Cheeses, Chocolates of the world …
  • Colors of Wine Table : Can you recognize a white wine from a red or a rosé? Don’t be so sure of yourself !! It’s your turn, place your black glass on the right color !
  • Aromas Table : Your senses are awakened! You necessarily know this aroma! Is – it lemon, orange or grapefruit ??? Are you hesitating? It’s up to you to bet on the right aroma!
  • Wine Roulette Table : This is the Casino Roulette but this time you have to bet either on a color, or a wine or its region and then spin the Roulette…. Some subtleties await you at this table with surprises and some tastings.
  • Tasting Quiz Table : What could be better than perfecting your culture with a fun quiz questions on the world of wine & gastronomy, but of course always with an offbeat spirit and for all audiences.


Our croupier animators awaken your senses to discover the tasting in the form of games, accessible to all: with blind tastings, aromas games and wine or tasting anecdotes.


The concept

A real moment of sharing & conviviality for all your cocktails (aperitif, after – work, dinner, company evening or after’s, ideal for a seminar animation).

Fixed or Ambulatory : All these tables and games will be adapted to your desires and constraints.

And to conclude this entertaining moment of sharing, the luckiest participants will win gifts during the final adapted to your event: (auction, or draw of a lottery).

The Casino of Wine and Flavors – Vini Vegas

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Key points



Free workshop

Who should attend this event?

Internal seminars
Special events

Data sheet

  • From 6 to 3,000 people.
  • Place of your choice (indoor or outdoor)
  • Turnkey or tailor-made animation.
  • In French and English.
  • Flexible animation.
  • Animation available anywhere in France.


  • Privatized space
  • Ice
  • Sound from 100 people. (We can provide in extra)
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