Les Questions à se poser pour l’Organisation d’un Team Building. 


Wanting to bring your employees together to experience a different moment is essential in the life of a company. For this moment to be a success, it is imperative to ask the right questions, in particular on the objectives, on the desired message to be conveyed, the atmosphere, the duration…. A team building activity can precisely be a key moment if all these elements are clearly identified. A successful team building will allow your employees to get to know each other from another angle, to get out of work objectives, to meet and have a good time together.

What OBJECTIVES for my team building? 

Before choosing the activity for your Team Building day, you must clearly define your objectives.

A Team Building without a goal is a bit like a coffee machine…. Without coffee. It’s no use.

Motivate, federate, prepare your teams for new challenges, improve your communication, integrate new collaborators, strengthen the cohesion of your teams… The possibilities are numerous and it is important to think carefully about your objectives which must be consistent with the challenges of your company.

What are the REQUIREMENTS   and CONSTRAINTS for this animation?   

It is important to define your requirements and constraints, which will be general or personal. This will guide your choice and allow you to avoid the odds.

General constraints   :

  • The number of people : You will not choose the same type of activity if you are 20 people or if there are 200 participants.
  • The duration : Depending on the entire organization of your day, you will define the time granted for your activity. No need to try to plan a sporting or thrilling activity that often requires travel and some briefing time, if you have an hour available for your activity.
  • The place and the space : You will choose a place according to the number of people present, the course of your day and the constraints which result from it. If you want your day to take place within your company, you will have to select the activities according to this criterion. You will therefore already eliminate a priori all that is thrilling activities, sports and city games.

If the place is already defined, it will be necessary to adapt according to the layout of this place and the available space.

  • Time of day and time of year : Again, your selection will naturally depend on the season. You will not opt ​​for an outdoor activity if the date of your Team Building day has been set for January 15. Indoor activities will be preferred.

Also, avoid planning an activity that starts too early in the morning if your employees have to arrive on their own that morning. Pay attention to the timing!

Personal constraints:

These are the constraints specific to the participants themselves. If you work in a small structure, you know your colleagues. So try to think of all your collaborators: are there pregnant women, people with special diets, health problems? Remember that the purpose of your Team Building is to unite and not to stigmatize, so be sure to choose an activity that everyone can participate in. Team Building providers often offer alternatives for people who could not perform the classic version of the activity. Do not hesitate to ask them the question, it is their job after all!

Which team building theme to choose?

Once your objectives have been defined and your constraints have been clearly identified, you will have to choose between the different types of team building available to you: 

  • Indoor
  • outdoor
  • Culinary / Gastronome
  • Jock
  • Playful
  • Creative / Artistic
  • Cultural
  • Track Game / City Game
  • Strong Sensations
  • Zen trend

Proceed by elimination to define what type of activity you are going to focus on.

Whatever your choice, keep in mind that Team Building must certainly please your employees, but above all it must meet your objectives.

No need to ask everyone’s opinion, you won’t get away with it. The two most important things to remember are to make sure you meet your objectives and that everyone can participate.

Now it’s your turn !


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