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Cinéréa International

CINEREA is a wine entertainment production company who was born in 1999. With the success of its entertainments, CINEREA INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2008 to create and develop a network of distributors, in France and abroad. This network is based on 12 partners today. CINEREA became CINEREA Paris, the first antenna of the network.

Arnaud HOULES, Cinerea and Cinerea International’s creator, has developed original entertainments around wine, produced in the form of games. Then, the very particular concept of “OenoGames” takes its full meaning.

The idea of “OenoGames”: it is to stand out in front of traditional wine tasting to create a pure event spirit, while remaining high quality and accessible to everybody.

Each year, the diversity of concepts and the extent of CINEREA INTERNATIONAL continue to grow.

Frequently asked questions about Cinéréa ?

First of all, why “Cinerea”?

Born in Anjou in the Loire Valley region, Arnaud HOULES is the founder of CINEREA. He first studied and enjoyed the local wines. Most of these wines are naturally sweet and are made with Botrytis Cinerea (“Noble Rot”). Botrytis means Rot and Cinerea means Noble. The nobility of the wine expressed by the word Cinerea inspired the name of the company. So, nothing to do with cinema but with wine staging!

What are “OenoGames”?

Oeno means wine. “OenoGames” summarizes the spirit of CINEREA INTERNATIONAL Products. “OenoGaming” is a convivial way to learn about wine, through games, historical facts, creative staging and overall entertainment.

Our staff is composed of trained and bilingual Entertainers who are either former wine professionals / educators or wine amateurs.